Boiler 2.0

Air-sourced, drop-in, electrified steam boiler replacement with zero carbon emissions

The power of steam

Steam powered the first industrial revolution. Decarbonized steam will power the next one. Steam is the most important heat transfer fluid used today, a bedrock of manufacturing. 


of process heat
used in industry


of global primary
energy use


GHG emissions
per year

Industrial decarbonization starts in the boiler room

Replacing fossil-fueled industrial boilers with a drop-in electrified steam boiler replacement designed specifically to deliver low-cost decarbonized steam will have a huge impact — for your carbon neutral goals and our planet.

How Boiler 2.0 works

Boiler 2.0 isn’t an iteration, it’s an evolution. This is new steam generation technology — a first-of-its-kind tool for your boiler room that delivers the high-temperature steam you need with maximum efficiency and zero carbon emissions.

Capture heat from the air

  • Proprietary technology extracts heat from the air
  • Cuts down on overall facility energy needs, boosting efficiency

Convert air heat and electricity into heating energy

  • AtmosZero’s boiler 2.0 uses novel heat pump technology, packaged into a drop-in electrified boiler solution
  • All-in-one process avoids the complexities, costs and down-time of integrating a traditional waste heat heat pump system, resulting in a more cost-effective and scalable solution

Deliver zero-carbon steam

  • Carbon neutral steam at 200°C+
  • Consistent output, available 24/7
  • With or without waste heat: integrate variable, intermittent, or constant streams
  • Integrate with your process cooling loop for improved plant efficiency

Redefining boiler room efficiency

2X efficiency, 0 carbon emissions

2X more efficient by using half the electricity of today’s electric boilers

COP = 2

Every kWh of electricity delivers
up to 2 kWh of steam*

50% less electricity

Doubles your efficiency gains

*when delivering 4 bar steam on a 15°C day

Drop it in, drop to zero

Modular, fit-anywhere steam boiler replacement

  • Replace your existing combustion boiler or electric resistive boiler
  • Install wherever you need steam
  • No complex waste heat integration project required
  • Installs in days
  • Delivers instant results
  • Decarbonized steam with a product, not a project

AtmosZero’s industrial electric boiler will increase your efficiency and reduce your carbon emissions on day 1.

Boiler 2.0 beats renewable natural gas, hydrogen, electric resistive boilers, and electrode boilers to the decarbonization punch. Your production line won’t run out of steam, and neither will your climate neutral goals.

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